Angela & Roi – Donate by Color to your favorite cause

Angela & Roi contacted me a few days ago to tell me a little bit more of their fantastic work, I must say I have never heard of it but now I’m glad to know because they are completely awesome, how so? Well firstly because every bag is made with vegan leather and durable fabric, their prices are not going to make you go broke, and the best it’s that they donate $5 to different causes with specific colors. When customers purchase, five dollars will automatically be donated to one of the eleven non-profit organizations depending on the ribbon color.

A detachable color ribbon accompanies each handbag purchase. The ribbon associates with specific causes not the bag color, so if the bag is green maybe the ribbon may be blue or pink. By attaching the ribbon to your handbag, you can help raise awareness. Each picture has a link to go to their page and see what handbags they have and in which color. Go ahead and learn more about this company and the causes they support with their bags, you’re not gonna regret it <3.

P.S: They ship only in the U.S. So I apologize to my Colombian readers. ❤









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